Mold Removal

Mold Removal

Mold and mildew are fungi that can feed on the wood and other materials in your home.

Mold removal is the process in which mold contaminants are removed. It is very important to do this without spreading spores to other areas.

Mold occurs naturally in outdoor environments throughout the world, and when mold grows in your home, it can cause major health problems.

Mold thrives in moist environments. Call the professionals if you have had a moisture event in your home or business that was not promptly and professionally dried.

Typically, people in mold polluted homes come down with rashes, sickness, allergies, asthma, headaches and weakness.

We have been providing mold removal services for the last 10 years. We offer free mold inspections. Don’t wait any longer; we’ve helped hundreds of families restore their peace of mind. We can help, whether it’s your attic, basement or anywhere else, we’ve done it all!

Specializing in mold removal:

Basement Mold Removal
Attic Mold Removal
Crawl Space Mold Removal
Air Duct Mold Removal
Bathroom Mold Removal

We take all the necessary steps to ensure your home is protected while we work, and will completely get rid of mold before we’re done. While not all molds are dangerous, the wrong kind can damage your home beyond repair.

An experienced technician from our company can find the origin of the mold, identify the type and eliminate the trouble. If testing confirms the species of mold is not dangerous, we will advise on how to get rid of it yourself, saving you thousands of dollars.

Why use us?

We have the equipment to detect where the mildew is present. Finding the source of the moisture that helps it grow is important in defending against mold damage.

After we have performed our mold Inspection and have determined the extent of mold contamination, we issue a written quote with a plan of action to remove the mold safely.

Our plan includes the requirements for containment, negative air pressure or HEPA air scrubber.

Once the Mold Removal is complete we recommend an air test of your home to ensure the air is normal. From this, you will receive an Indoor Air Quality Test report from a third party accredited lab as your clearance report and for your peace of mind!

We take care of all mold problems. Call us the mold removal experts today and receive a complete mold assessment free of charge.